Thought Leadership Strategy Workbook

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Thought Leadership Strategy Workbook

Isabel Nyo
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Thought Leadership Strategy workbook for your brand, company or business.

You'll receive the workbook in both PDF and Google Docs (that can also be downloaded as Microsoft Word (.docx).

Here is Thought Leadership Strategy workbook for your brand, company and/or business.

Contains 45 (or 75 in Google Docs) pages with 6 sections. Instant download, PDF and Google Docs.

Use this workbook to become crystal clear about:
- Your strengths
- Your offering
- Your audience
- Your elevator pitch
- Your goals
- Your marketing funnel
to differentiate yourself from competitors and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Perfect workbook for:
- Entrepreneurs
- Leaders
- Executives
- Side hustlers
- Coaches
- Strategists
- Small business owners
- Social media managers

About Isabel Nyo

Isabel Nyo a technology leader, author and speaker with almost 20 years of experience in the tech industry, with startups to Fortune 500 tech companies.

She is currently working as a Senior Engineering Leader at an enterprise software company and also provides coaching and consulting services to technology leaders worldwide. You can check out her website at http://eisabainyo.net

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