Resume Template for Web Developers, Software Engineers, Data Scientists and Product Managers

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As a hiring manager in the tech industry and an interviewer for many tech jobs, not only for software developers and engineering managers but also for data scientists, product managers, UX designers, content writers, program managers, and technical recruiters, I've seen my fair share of resumes for tech jobs and what stands out. And the best thing is, those with stand-out resumes perform better than average in interviews as well. This is because they have presented themselves in the best possible light and highlighted important information for interviewers to deep dive into. As a result, their interviews are more focused and flow much smoother.

This resume template is most suitable for professionals in the tech industry such as: 

  • Web developers

  • Software engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • UX designers
  • Product managers and
  • Product marketing managers

When you purchase a Google Docs or Microsoft Word (.docx) or Notion resume template, you will also get a free guide in PDF that explains the 5 essential steps to creating a perfect resume. The template shows in action how to apply all the 5 essential steps discussed in the guide. 

So read the guide and create your resume using the template to give yourself the best chance.

I wish you the best!


Commonly Asked Questions about Tech resumes and IT resumes

Can an IT resume be 2 pages?

Yes, absolutely, as long as you’re listing relevant information, work experience and extra extracurricular activities that are relevant to your career in IT. However, try to limit it to no more than 3 pages maximum. Have a look at tech resume template to see how you can fit more information in one page using 2 columns layout but still making it scannable.

What skills should I put in an IT resume?

You should put both soft and hard skills, but under different sections.

What is the best font for a tech resume?

Keep it simple and use any standard and easy-to-read font. Remember one of the steps I mentioned in my Tech Resume Guide above, make it scannable which also means not using fancy fonts that are not legible.

How to write a software developer resume?

One of the biggest mistakes that I see software developers make in their resumes is that they fail to elaborate their impact and explained their projects in business terms. For example, Wrote code and fixed bugs for software doesn’t say anything about your capabilities as a software developer. Refer to Step 2 of my Tech Resume Guide above, Quantify your achievements, to see a good example of how to talk about projects you’ve worked on.

What are recommended resume words?

Ten recommended resume words or action verbs to use in your resume are: 1) Led, 2) Developed, 3) Educated, 4) Standardised, 5) Yielded, 6) Reduced / Increased, 7) Achieved, 8) Delivered, 9) Influenced, 10) Negotiated.

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Resume Template for Web Developers, Software Engineers, Data Scientists and Product Managers

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