Nail That Interview - Tips on nailing remote interviews at tech companies

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Nail That Interview - Tips on nailing remote interviews at tech companies

Isabel Nyo
2 ratings

You have the technical skills, you have the job experience, you have the right attitude, and yet, your dream of getting hired at a tech company is still a dream. Can you relate?

There is one problem: You haven't mastered interviewing skills.

Getting a job offer at a tech company is much more than doing well in coding tests. In fact, what I am going to share with you is not about coding tests at all. There are many more roles that tech companies are looking to fill other than developer roles. Roles such as Product Manager, Content Designer, Product Designer, Marketing Manager, Customer Success Manager, just to name a few. Therefore, rather than focusing on a particular role, this book is about looking at interviewing at tech companies holistically, agnostic of the role, and helping you learn the skills you need to ace your next interview. I’ll be sharing with you how to think about your interview responses, which can be applied to a really technical question about data structure and algorithms or a behavioural question on how you work under pressure.

In short, this ebook reveals all the techniques and strategies that you need to know to nail job interviews at a tech company.

It is tailored for a common interview process at a tech company, for roles such as Product Manager, Designer, Content Strategist, Marketing Manager, and Software Engineer.

At $24.95, this ebook is easily the best investment you'd ever make in your job search, guaranteed.

There are also special remote interview tips in the ebook given the circumstances we are in right now. Don't wait any longer, learn how to start impressing interviewers and getting hired today.

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What's in the book?

How To Nail A Screening Interview

You'll learn about topics to cover when telling the recruiter about yourself and areas to deep dive in order to understand more about the role.

How To Nail A Take-home Exercise

You'll find out the five things that hiring managers and potential team members are looking to see in your take-home exercise.

How To Nail A Live Presentation Interview

You'll discover the four essential ingredients to a successful live presentation interview.

How To Nail A Leadership Interview

You'll understand why leadership interviews are important for individual contributors, not just managers and how to best prepare for them.

Plus the following chapters: 

  • How To Nail A Cultural Interview
  • How To Nail A Developer Interview
  • How To Nail Tech Jargons
  • How To Nail Any Type of Interview by Not Giving Unacceptable Responses
  • How To Nail A Remote Interview
  • How To Nail Your Mindset For An Interview 
  • Take Control Of Your Career

Get results without investing many months and $$ on interviewing skills

I get it, you don’t have the time to read a 300-page ebook on how to prepare for an interview. You need the time to apply for jobs, refresh your resume, speak to potential employers, brush up your knowledge on your craft, and so on. That’s why I put every effort to make sure that this ebook is short and to-the-point. 10 main topics, a few pages per topic. That’s it! And yes, that’s all you really need to know to nail any interview.

I hope that regardless of whether you’re interviewing for an individual contributor or a manager role, you will find this book useful. As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times, I’d like you to remember that the fundamentals for doing well at interviews such as having the skills, presenting yourself with confidence, etc remain the same, but you do want to adjust your approach slightly and stand out from the crowd with strategies and tips mentioned in this book.

📥  Download the sample chapter of the ebook. 

About the author

Hello! My name is Isabel Nyo. I am a Senior Engineering Leader, Technologist, Author and Speaker. I’ve got almost 20 years of experience in the tech industry, with startups to Fortune 500 tech companies. I help professionals in the tech industry accelerate their career growth via mindset & strategies.

I am the author of The Engineering Manager’s How-to Guide, Nail That Interview, The Accidental Remote Manager and Career Guide for Software Developers.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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By reading this book, you will gain: 1) Mindset - You'll learn how to prepare yourself mentally for an interview. 2) Research - You'll find out what information you need to have before each interview. 3) Strategies - Actionable strategies to help you formulate compelling responses during an interview.

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