Career Success Journals and Worksheets Bundle

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Career Success Journals and Worksheets Bundle

Isabel Nyo
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Countless high-achieving, ambitious career professionals have requested me to share tools and resources for their career success. Shortcut to success, so to speak. They ask me questions such as what skills should they learn, what training should they do, what books should they read, just to name a few. The truth is, it's not just about having the technical skills, it's also about having the right mindset, understanding yourself and your values, knowing where you currently are, being strategic, leveraging your strengths and embodying leadership behaviours consistently that lead to career success.

So I created these journals, worksheets and planners to help you do just that, to have the right mindset, to understand yourself and your values, to know where you stand, to be strategic, to leverage your strengths and to embody leadership behaviours consistently.

Fall in love with process, do the work and success will take care of itself.

The career success bundle contains:

  1. Gratitude & Growth Journal
  2. Career Development Actions Workbook
  3. Wheel of Life Reflection Journal
  4. Growth Mindset Poster & Guide
  5. Strengths Identifier Workbook
  6. Smart Productivity using Getting Things Done Framework
  7. Zone of Genius Workbook
  8. Career Bingo Sheets

How to use this bundle:

Method 1 - Digitally - Open a file from the bundle in any digital note-taking app of your choice such as GoodNotes, Notability and start typing or writing with a stylus
Method 2 - Printed - Open a file from the bundle to print in A4 format. Make sure that paper printer settings are on "Actual Size" or Scaled to 100% for best printing quality.

Gratitude & Growth Journal

What are you grateful for in your career?

Do you think you have a fixed or growth mindset? Why?

How did a lesson learned from a mistake help make you a better person?

What do you learn when you accomplish a really hard goal? Describe and tell about the goal too!

Gratitude and Growth Mindset go hand in hand. To have a joyful and successful career, I encourage you to master the art of giving gratitude and having a growth mindset. This digital journal will help you in your career, whether you want to progress to the next level or have a fulfilling career right where you are or both.

Career Development Actions Workbook

In my 20 years in the tech industry, I have witnessed a lot of professionals with great potential who were unable to achieve their potential due to lack of self-awareness and ability to identify opportunities that are aligned with what they want for their careers. This workbook is designed to help you transform your dreams to reality and leverage your talent to achieve your full potential. Whether you want to take a leadership position, become a subject matter expert or be recognised for your contribution at work, this is the workbook for you.

There are three steps in this workbook and each step has a number of prompts to get you thinking critically about what you really want in your career.
Step 1: THE DREAM - Eg: If I could do anything at all for a job it would be ...
Step 2: THE POSITIVE - Eg: What do others value about me? What comes easy and natural to me that others find challenging? What excites me and makes work go by fast?
Step 3: THE POTENTIAL - Eg: If I am completely honest with myself, am I ready for the next level or are there areas I need to work on first? If so, what areas do I need to work on? What is the current state and where do I need to be to be ready for the next better opportunity?

Taking small actions that are aligned with your long term career goal is important to career success because it helps build momentum and shows progress. Small actions help to break down larger goals into more manageable steps, making it easier to stay motivated and on track. Small actions also give you a sense of accomplishment, which can help to keep you motivated and focused on achieving bigger goals. Finally, taking small actions is important as it allows you to continuously learn and grow as a professional, which is essential for long-term career success.

Take an aligned action today!

Wheel of Life Reflection Journal

Let's perform a well-rounded assessment of where your life is at.

A balanced life is one where an individual finds a healthy equilibrium between their personal, professional, and social commitments. It involves taking care of one's physical and mental health, engaging in meaningful relationships, pursuing leisure activities and hobbies, and striving for success in one’s chosen field.

You can do great at your career and also be present with your loved ones. However, to achieve that kind of life, you need to assess regularly and course-correct accordingly. This workbook includes prompts for 8 important areas of your life, health, career, leisure, love, growth, friends, family and finance.

Answer impactful prompts in this journal such as:

- What treatments or procedures that contribute towards my health and well-being will I get done this year?

- What habits do I need to change or create to achieve my career goals?

- How much time will I make per week for spirituality and personal development?

- How much time will I make per week for recreation and leisure?

- How do I want my love life to look like?

- Whom do I want to see more this year?

- What's my strategy when it comes to savings?

Growth Mindset Poster & Guide

Growth mindset describes a set of beliefs and behaviours that allow you to increase your likelihood of success and achieving your goals by making you seek opportunities to learn, gain new skills, improve existing skills, become more resilient and enhance your character and willpower.

To foster a growth mindset to help you in your professional growth, I suggest:

- displaying this guide at a place where you study or work

- referring to it frequently, eg: when you do your monthly retrospective

Strengths Identifier Workbook

Focusing on your strengths will help you to reduce stress, increase your confidence and self-esteem and boost your mood. Playing your strengths will also help you with staying consistent and reaching your goals faster.

Do you know how people see you? Do they see you as someone who is:

- Adaptable Ambitious Analytical Articulate Aspiring

- Hard-working Helpful Honest Humble Imaginative Independent Innovative Insightful Intuitive Inventive Involved

- Realistic Reliable Resourceful Respectful Responsible Responsive

Knowing the perception that other people have is the greatest feedback that you could leverage to level up in your career. Focusing on your strengths will enable you to be an authentic leader.

How to use this workbook:

  1. Obtain feedback from your managers, stakeholders and colleagues by asking them to describe you using a few words in Step 1
  2. Select the common ones
  3. Perform Step 2 and 3

Note that it's important to obtain feedback from others to ensure that you are not selecting you strengths based on what you wish to be known for, rather than what you are really known for.

Smart Productivity using Getting Things Done Framework

As ambitious professionals, you understand the importance of getting things done and taking actions.  However, just taking actions and getting things done don't always guarantee your career success. There is a small but important difference between those who are successful in their careers and those who are not.

Successful people are typically characterized by their drive and ambition, perseverance and resilience, and ability to stay focused and organized. They have a clear understanding of their goals and the steps needed to achieve them, as well as the motivation to take action.

Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, tend to lack focus and direction. They often have trouble staying motivated and may procrastinate or become easily discouraged when faced with obstacles. They may also be disorganized and lack the discipline to stay on track. Moreover, they may be using their time ineffectively and are often busy with unimportant tasks.

This is a Productivity Workbook using Getting Things Done Framework by David Allan. To lead an organised and stress free life, you need a framework to help you. "You can do anything, but not everything." said David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

This Productivity Workbook will guide you to think about how to clarify, categorize and engage in actions that move you forward in the right direction.

There are 5 steps:

1. Capture everything.

2. Clarify whether something is a task requiring action, a project that needs to be broken down, a reference material or something else.

3. Organize them accordingly. Eg: Create a meeting invite, put files in the right folders, delegate a task to someone, add a task to your planner, etc.

4. Review this workbook regularly. Reflect on the progress and actions completed.

5. Engage in your tasks that are defined as important. In other words, simply take an action and get things done.

Zone of Genius Workbook

Zone of genius is a term used to describe the area where an individual is most productive and successful. It is the place where a person's natural talents and abilities are best used and can be seen to the greatest effect. The zone of genius is an important concept to understand as it helps to identify areas of strength and potential that can then be used to develop skills, knowledge and experience.

Here are the steps involved in finding your superpower and leveraging it:

- Understand your why

- Do a skill brain dump

- Perform a skill audit

- List your ideas

- Make a commitment

- Sign it

Career Bingo Sheets

How was your 2022? As you reflect on the year that had gone past, why not give bingo a try? It's a fun and exciting way to see how well you have done in applying gratitude, growth mindset and zone of genius which are essential to your career success.  Whether you've had a chaotic and unpredictable year or an incredible one, I am sure there were lessons, opportunities, challenges and wins.

So take a moment to do this fun bingo game and be proud of how far you've come.

About the creator

Hello! My name is Isabel Nyo. I am a Senior Engineering Leader, Technologist, Author and Speaker. I’ve got almost 20 years of experience in the tech industry, with startups to Fortune 500 tech companies. I help professionals in the tech industry accelerate their career growth via mindset & strategies.

I am the author of The Engineering Manager’s How-to Guide, Nail That Interview, The Accidental Remote Manager and Career Guide for Software Developers.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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8 PDF documents

Gratitude & Growth Journal
Career Development Actions Workbook
Wheel of Life Reflection Journal
Growth Mindset Poster & Guide
Strengths Identifier Workbook
Productivity using GTD Framework
Zone of Genius Workbook
Career Bingo Sheets
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